Gear List


-1977 Ampex MM-1200 2" Analog Multitrack Tape Machine. 

Two-Inch 24-Track Headstack & Two-Inch 16-Track Headstack available. 

Operates at 30 ips or 15 ips. 

Provenance: Wally Heider Recording and Filmways Hollywood.


-Endless Analog CLASP.  Seamlessly record to 2" Analog Tape and digitize into Pro Tools in the same pass.

-1956 Ampex 350, 2-Track, Quarter Inch, analog master tape recorder.  Operates at 15 ips or 7.5 ips.


-1977 Ampex ATR-102, 2-Track, Quarter Inch, analog master tape recorder.  Operates at 30 ips, 15 ips, 7.5 ips & 3.75 ips.  (NOTE: This machine is currently unavailable.  It has been  rented by a record lable for an archieval project.)

-Pro Tools Ultimate HDX rig with plenty of RAM,  Solid State Drives, and 2x UAD-Octo cards.

- Burl Mothership converters.  16 inputs and 16 outputs up to 24-bit / 192kHz.


-Antelope Isochrone OCX High Resolution Master Word Clock Generator.


-Tascam DA-3000.  2-Track High Definition Master Recorder.  Direct Stream Digital (5.6 MHz), and PCM (up to 24 bit / 192 kHz).



-2x Neumann U87, Sequential pair. (Vintage circa 1970's).


-Neumann U47-Fet (Vintage circa 1970's).

-2x STC/Coles 4038 Ribbion MIcrophones (Vintage circa 1960's).

-3x Chameleon Labs TS-2.

-2x Violet Wedge.

-2x Violet Black Knight.


-AKG D12E (Vintage circa 1970's).

-AKG D20 (Vintage circa 1960's).


-2x Electro Voice RE-20.

-Electro Voice N/D 767a.


-Shure Beta 52.


-4x Senneiser MD421-U5 (vintage circa 1970's).

-Sennheiser E609.

-Beyerdynamic M-88.


-Shure Green Bullet.


-5x Shure SM57 Standard.

-Shure SM57  with Tab-T58 transformer upgrade.

-Shure SM57 with Tab-T58 Transformer upgrade and Granelli 90º mod.

-Shure SM-7B.


-2x Josephson E22s.

-2x Josephson C42 (a matched pair, C42MP).

-2x Audio Technica AT3528.


-2x PPA Ribbon One R-1.

-2x Apex 201 Ribbon Mics


-Peavey PVMi


-2x Peavey PVR1


-Binaural Bowie, aka Ziggy.  Hand built Binaural microphone.


Analog Recording & Mixing Console

-Otari Series 54 console.  36 channel dual path inline recording console.  Diskmix Moving Fader Automation.  76 line input channels on mixdown.


-Dan Alexander Dual Class A Mic Preamp. (2-Channel, original Neve 1272).


-Focusrite ISA-Two.  (2-Channel, design by R.Neve).


-2x Golden Age Pre-573.  (Clones of Neve 1073 preamps).

-2x Forssell Tech SMP-500.


-36 Channels of Otari Series 54 preamps.


-Anthony DeMaria Labs, ADL-200 Stereo Tube Direct Box.


-Anthony DeMaria Labs, ADL-300G Stereo Tube Direct Box.



-Anthony DeMaria Labs ADL-1500 (2 channel LA-2A circut).


-Chameleon Labs 7720 (SSL 4000-G buss compressor clone).


-ART Pro VLA-II, 2-Channel Tube Opto compressor (LA-2A -ish).


-2x ART Dual Levelar, 4 Channels of VLA Tube compression and limiting.


-2x FMR-RNC compressors, 2 stereo pairs of Really Nice Compressors.


-2x Symetrix CL-150, Fast RMS Compressor/Limiters.


-DBX 119, a stereo pair of that DBX 160VU sounding compression.


-Big plug-ins list for many more flavors of compression and limiting.



-4 distinct & natural reverent spaces.  2 hallways, 1 wide stairwell, and 2 different sized bathrooms.


-Roland RE-201 Space Echo.


-Moog MoogerFooger Low Pass MF-101 (Original Bob Moog Signature edition).

-Moog MoogerFooger Ring Modulator MF-102 (Original Bob Moog Signature edition).

-Moog MoogerFooger 12-Stage Phazer MF-103 (Original Bob Moog Signature edition).


-Moog MoogerFooger Analog Delay MF-104 (Original Bob Moog Signature edition).

-Moog MoogerFooger MuRF MF-105 (Original Bob Moog Signature edition).

-Moog MoogerFooger Analog Delay MF-104M (Newer edition with MIDI).


-Echoplex EP-2, tube tape delay.


-Lexicon MPX-110.


-Furman Sound RV-1, real spring reverb.


-Eventide H3000B.


-4x Gibson Echoplex Digital Pro+.


-Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi.


-Ernie Ball Wah Wah.



-Wurlitzer Upright Piano.

-Rhodes 73 MK2 with matching 4 speaker Janus amp.

-Alesis QS8.1 synthesizer, 88 weighted, plus expansion cards.

-MPC 1000 Drum Machine and Sequencer, fully upgraded.

-Fender Torranado electric guitar.

-La Patrie classical guitar.

-Vantage acoustic guitar.

-Washburn semi-hallow body electric guitar.

-Washburn semi-hallow body 4 string bass guitar.

-Warwick Fortress R&B 4 string bass guitar.

-2x Color Synths with a Novation 25 SL.


-Ampeg B15 w/JBL K-140 speaker.


-Ampeg SVT 1540 Bass Cab, 4x10" + 1x15".


-Ampeg micro SVT + 2x10".

-Roland Jazz Chorus JC-77.

-Fender Super Champ X2.

-Fodera Private Practice Amp.


-A bunch of Universal Audio UAD plug-ins.

-And of course the standard collection of AVID plug-ins that comes with Pro Tools.